Frog started life over 20 years with a vision of giving teachers the tools they needed to engage students in the classroom. By focussing on delivering results, not just on technology, we have become known as a world class provider of educational technology, with our LMS being ranked as the world's number 1 LMS for compulsory education.


We have contracts with major utilities, some even with national governments providing technology for their whole country, so we know how to handle the big stuff. Equally, we have contracts with small businesses and primary schools, so we know how to work on the smaller stuff too. We are personable, competent and focussed on delivering results. Our customers would describe us as flexible.

Here to support you


We run a support desk for all your technical queries, but we also have an outstanding customer success team, there to help you get going and to help make sure that you achieve what you want to achieve.