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Webinar | January 2023

How to conquer the "I hate e-learning!" stigma

24 January, 2023
Session time: 10am-10.45am

Online Event - Details provided on registration

E-learning has shown significant growth over the last decade, but that doesn’t mean everyone likes it. The stigma around e-learning isn’t a good one, it’s negative with some people stating it’s ineffective and they lack motivation.

This seminar will focus on how to combat the e-learning stigma and encourage engagement. Frog have deployed LMS systems for more than 20 years and work alongside their customers to not only provide implementation support but to implement learning solutions.

Your LMS is only as valuable as the engagement gained from learners, so let’s conquer the “I hate e-learning” stigma together.

Who is presenting from Frog

Grant-Circle-Zoomed.pngGrant Sills
Head of Sales

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