How FrogLMS is used in...


More than an LMS!

Frog is not just an LMS, the content creation tools are so flexible our clients have been supported in creating their own...

  • HR Portals
  • GDPR and Data Security Portal
  • 360 Feedback
  • Performance Management
  • IT Support Portal

HR Portal


Provide your staff with all the information they need in one single location. Using the HR Portal, you can...

  • Share briefing notes
  • Request holiday
  • Report sickness absence, accidents, even cleaning issues
  • Share internal vacancies
  • Update contact details, disclosure of interest, emergency contacts and even parking permits
  • Share pension advice
  • Link to bike schemes and other benefits
  • List company first aiders, fire wardens
  • Record risk assessments
  • Staff Directory


GDPR and Security Portal


The GDPR and Security Portal provides you with the ability to...

  • Record data audits
  • Share policies and training
  • Create a device log
  • Report Data Breaches to your data officer and create an audit of the event.


360 Feedback


With 360 Feedback, you can...

  • Provide a shareable, editable form for staff to send to their colleagues
  • Display just the text back to the individual
  • Export as a spreadsheet for offline analysis


Performance Management


Through the use of our Performance Management tool, you are able to...

  • Create your own performance management tool, where individuals can tag their managers so that they and only the L&D team can view the records
  • Use an evidence log to demonstrate meeting targets


IT Support Portal


The IT Support Portal allows your business to easily...

  • Allow staff to log issues which go directly to your IT team
  • Assign and update tickets
  • Export ticket logs
  • Stock Control tracking
  • Reference documentation storage