For Recruitment

FrogLMS is used to address the unique challenges faced in the recruitment industry.

Our LMS offers a range of features to enhance your internal processes, streamline training, and ensure effective communication.



Maintain your identity across the whole platform - ensuring the look and feel is right for all your staff.


StreamlineD & Accessible

Linear pathways guide your staff through a journey of learning, in the format that's right for them.



Keep a log of the calls taken and made, providing valuable insights for continuous improvement.



Track trainer hours and learner hours easily as well as be able to provide insights into the effectiveness of your training.



Overcome the challenges of in-person training with features that facilitate easy 1-to-1 interactions and adaptable learning pathways.

How can FrogLMS support you?

The Value of Skilled Recruitment Consultants

The knowledge and expertise of your team plays a key role in the overall value of service you offer.

With FrogLMS you can ensure your team are able to undergo continuous training and development and are equipped with comprehensive resources to ensure that clients and candidates receive the best results. In fact, having consultants with both expertise and adaptability is not just advantageous but essential.

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g2 Recruitment are specialists in European Technical Industries and UK Government. Their team is made up of 250 staff, based across 11 locations, tasked with connecting clients with the right candidates within European Engineering and Technology, as well as for the UK Government Authorities.

g2 Recruitment’s consultants are all trained to the highest standards, with access to comprehensive resources, they are fully equipped to excel, guaranteeing clients and candidates the highest quality results for their hiring requirements.