Frog is a powerful LMS with unparalleled web-based content and course authoring.


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User Experience and
complete personalisation

FrogLMS is easy to use, has a modern, engaging interface, and everything is automatically formatted for mobile.

But our stand out strength in this area is how personalisable it is, we’re not talking just logos and colours here, the entire interface can be changed. It looks brilliant out of the box, but you’re in control… if you want to change anything you can pretty much think of Frog as your LMS builder!


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Powerful content authoring, in the browser, for everyone

Our web-based content editor is also without parallel. Easily build your own content with our drag and drop system, complete with a wealth of functionality including video, images, polls, forms, quizzes, hot spots and much more...

You can have as many content editors as you wish, spreading the work load; but more importantly, democratising learning, enabling models of shared learning, with teams building their own materials to share amongst relevant teams. 


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Assessment, not testing!

Used to control learning progress or track course completion, our quizzing and testing is also in a league of its own.  You don’t need to be limited to just multiple choice. Quizzing doesn’t have to be just about testing, either; done the right way it can be used to reinforce learning, and to increase retention.



Course creation and learning curation

Whether you’ve built engaging content in Frog, or you are using existing SCORM, PDF, Video files, and so on, Frog’s easy to use course creator enables you to build, deliver and track learning easily and effectively.

Not all training is done online, so we also support the management of face to face training, including registrations. There’s loads more, ranging from human approval processes to sophisticated workflows delivered with stupendous simplicity.



Easy to setup, ready in minutes!

Of course, Frog is provided on the cloud, but not everyone wants it that way. We can also deploy Frog in your head quarters, either as a VM or on its own dedicated server. Still available over the cloud, but with the security of being in your own network. We currently manage hundreds of servers world-wide this way.