For Seasonal Staff

FrogLMS provides accessible and adaptable training for all Seasonal and Temporary staff.

FrogLMS can be tailored for the dynamic needs of the Events Management industry, encompassing theme parks, attractions, and entertainment where seasonal and temporary staff are utilised.

The platform offers flexible training, enabling your seasonal and temporary event staff to engage in vital product knowledge, training, assessments, compliance, and sales skills from any location.



Easily log your hours, whether you’re logging supervised hours, safety training and more.



Optimise your hiring process, offering tests to evaluate candidate knowledge and skills.


Mobile Learning

Don't limit your training to the office, with FrogLMS the content can be accessed across a range of devices. 


StreamlineD & Accessible

Linear pathways guide your staff through a journey of learning, in the format that's right for them.



Ensure all staff have completed necessary training by assigning and scheduling mandatory modules. 



Managers can get an overview of all staff and the product training that they have completed.

What makes FrogLMS a standout solution for your organisation?

It offers an engaging learning experience, enabling your seasonal and temporary event staff to absorb crucial knowledge about your attractions and products.

Supervisors can effectively monitor training progress, guaranteeing your staff is well-informed, fully-trained and prepared to exceed visitor expectations. FrogLMS simplifies the sharing of best practices, fostering consistency across your seasonal event workforce and ensuring a memorable experience for every visitor.


See FrogLMS in action...


Mellors Group is a theme park, attractions, and entertainment company. They design, build, and operate major leisure attractions on a global scale. Mellors Group operate both indoor and outdoor attractions such as touring theme parks and water parks in the middle East. They own amusement parks, holiday resorts, entertainment venues and a Pier in the UK which they continually look to innovate, invest, and improve.

Mellors currently use FrogLMS to assess and evaluate potential on-site employees for their various locations, spanning from Saudi Arabia and Qatar to Alton Towers in the UK and their upcoming fourth site in Kuwait. The scale of their staffing needs can be quite extensive, with demands often reaching into the thousands. For instance, during the last season in Riyadh, they required over 900 staff members, including operators and zone supervisors.