For Apprenticeships

FrogLMS gives you the tools to nurture and develop talent.

We give you the necessary tools to manage your apprentice's whole journey! 

FrogLMS offers a comprehensive set of tools to attract promising talent. Our LMS platform provides a user-friendly interface for potential apprentices to explore available opportunities, understand the organisation's ethos, and easily apply.

By showcasing your organisation's values, mission, and the benefits of joining your apprenticeship program, you can attract a diverse pool of candidates passionate about learning and growth.



The platform tools empower you to create engaging content that supports learning and upskilling.



FrogLMS has a range of interactive platform features such as image hotspots and quizzes.


STAFF Development

Provide all staff with a selection of industry-specific courses to enrich your pool of knowledge and talent. 



Recognise staff development by automatically awarding certificates on completion of training.


StreamlineD & Accessible

Linear pathways guide your staff through a journey of learning, in the format that's right for them.



Create learning pathways that reflect the development journey you need your staff to follow.

What can FrogLMS help with?


Streamline Recruitment

Efficiently managing the recruitment process is crucial for finding the most suitable apprentices for your organisation. FrogLMS serves as a powerful tool in not only streamlining the process but also ensuring that you identify the most promising candidates early on, saving time and resources.



Customised Onboarding

Tailor the onboarding experience for apprentices using FrogLMS. With customisable modules, you can design pre-starter courses specific to your organisation's needs. These courses serve as an introduction to the company culture, policies, and procedures. By sharing relevant documents and resources beforehand, you set the stage for a successful onboarding experience, ensuring apprentices are well-prepared and ready to contribute from day one.



Records of Achievement

With FrogLMS, you can keep detailed records of apprentice progress and achievements throughout their journey. Easily track and manage their learning milestones, completed courses, and performance evaluations. These records serve as valuable documentation for both the apprentice and the organisation, facilitating continuous feedback, performance reviews, and future career development discussions.



Ongoing Training and Development

Beyond the initial induction, the FrogLMS platform easily supports continuous learning and development for apprentices. Create personalised learning pathways, recommend additional courses, and provide resources to nurture their skills and competencies. Our platform allows mentors and supervisors to guide apprentices' growth, ensuring they remain engaged and motivated throughout their apprenticeship journey.

By utilising FrogLMS, organisations can create an environment conducive to talent nurturing, enabling apprentices to flourish and contribute meaningfully to the company's success.


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Princess Yachts are a premium luxury yacht builder, with meticulous attention to detail, delivering unforgettable experiences. Princess Yachts have used FrogLMS to attract new talent into the business with a focus on pre-boarding, onboarding and beyond. We have collated a selection of visuals of features that we have created within their platform...