Training Content

FrogLMS is a toolkit of content building tools!

Our LMS is quick, easy-to-use and flexible by design. It comes with a proven set of tools for creating rich, interactive learning materials that you can shape and evolve to suit your needs.

To complement these tools, we offer a set of starter training courses based on ACAS content - these can be setup and made available straight away. In addition, we have also partnered up with a range of market-leading content partners to provide the option of incorporating their training content also.

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With FrogLMS you have the autonomy to create your own interactive training courses.
Out of the box FrogLMS comes populated with a collection of courses that utilise ACAS content.
Training content in FrogLMS can be enriched with our partners' extensive course libraries.

Building Content

One of the standout aspects of the FrogLMS platform are it's flexible, powerful yet easy-to-use set of content building tools. These can be used to create training content, microsites and also solutions to help support your business. 



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Starter Content

FrogLMS can come populated with a collection of pre-created ACAS courses. The course content can support various different training needs within your organisation.

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Partner Content

We have partnered with a number of different content suppliers to give you access to a range of industry-leading training packages that cover areas such as Health & Safety right through to Management and Soft Skills (e.g. Active Listening and Creative Thinking).



Currently our integration partners include iHasco, IAMLearning and inrehearsal...

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Customer Stories

Our constant target is to help businesses, multi-academy trusts and schools achieve their people development goals & objectives. See how we have helped different organisations to successfully do this...

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