Partner Content

Enrich your training materials with partner content

It's true that FrogLMS allows you to create a media-rich ecosystem of training resources, but it also allows you to integrate third-party interactive training content too.

We have partnered with a number of different content suppliers to give you access to a range of industry-leading training packages that cover areas such as Health & Safety right through to Management and Soft Skills (e.g. Active Listening and Creative Thinking).

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Content Partners

With FrogLMS you have the autonomy to create your own interactive training courses.
Out of the box FrogLMS comes populated with a collection of courses that utilise ACAS content.
Training content in FrogLMS can be enriched with our partners' extensive course libraries.


While FrogLMS works with almost any type of online learning tool, we have worked closely with the following companies...


A creatively minded provider of quality Health & Safety, HR, Business Compliance and Soft Skills e-learning. With a fresh attitude to workplace learning, our training content is designed to help you achieve quick and easy compliance, as well as improving the quality of your workplace processes and increasing workforce skill.

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The whole idea of eLearning is to enact behavioural change in the learner. iAM Learning's content clearly explains how to do things, as well as why they should be done. We use great storytelling, high-quality animation and interactivity to bring our content to life. Why? Because it’s engaging.


The InRehearsal learning library is a collection of on-demand masterclasses, courses, events and podcasts delivered by industry experts designed to support learning & development teams in curating, creating and developing digital learning across their organisations.