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Platform Customisation

Customising FrogLMS to your needs!


With FrogLMS, you have the powerful ability to customise the platform structure, functionality and features! During your platform implementation the Frog team work closely with you to get everything just right.

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FrogLMS+ Solutions

Custom Functionality

The FrogLMS platform can be completely re-styled to ensure it fully reflects your brand's identity.
The FrogLMS platform can be completely customised so it has the structure, features and functionality you need!


What can be customised?
Pretty much everything!

As a starter, we create a Welcome Dashboard, setup a platform structure and upload some ACAS training resources. Then our implementation team works with you to make sure the platform integrates with the features you plan on using and also check that the content matches your vision.

But this is only the first phase of the customisation. Our team then work with you to customise and create additional features to enrich your platform!


The second phase of customisation has three different elements...

FrogLMS+ Solutions

From working with our customers we have developed a series of solutions that can be easily added to your platform that utilise standard functionality - these include...

HR Portal

IT Support Hub

Data & Security Portal

Performance Management

360 Feedback

Co-create Custom Functionality

Our team are experts in how the FrogLMS tools can be combined to create custom systems that work for your processes and functions. They can work with you to understand your challenges and then co-create solutions using the standard platform features.

We have worked with our customers to create bespoke solutions that relate to retail, construction and the legal compliance...





Development & Integration

Where you have a specific business need, which is not covered by the platform's current features, our developers are available to create new native functionality based on your requirements