Your Platform. Your Way
Designed for you

Your brand is important.
It's an emotional connection


You have spent many years growing and establishing your company's brand, through this visual identity you have been able to connect with both customers, your employees and the wider public. You do not want to lose this connection!

By extending your brand into a training and development platform you are strengthening your employees trust in you. They can easily identify with the platform and recognise it as a benefit of their employment.

Many training platforms offer an 'out of the box' experience - everything is ready to go! With FrogLMS you get that same instant experience but with the unmatched ability to customise the platform and make it personal to you!

Standard Package Premium Package

As part of our Standard Package we customise the FrogLMS platform to ensure it's styling connects with your brand's identity.
Our Premium Package offers bespoke customisation of the FrogLMS platform to ensure it's styling fully reflects your brand's identity.


What customisation options are available?

We have two customisation packages available for FrogLMS - Standard and Premium. The Standard package adds styling to three touch-points on the platform to introduce your branding. The Premium package fully embraces your brand and does whatever is possible to restyle the platform.

The table below outlines what is included in both packages:

Standard Package
Premium Package
Login Page
Bespoke Background
Bespoke Background
Bespoke Theme Design
Bespoke Theme Design
Bespoke Certificate Design
Bespoke Certificate Design
Content Site
Not included
Bespoke Theme Design
Training Module
Not included
Bespoke Styling
Public Microsite
Not included
Bespoke Theme Design

Take a look at the customisation available with the Premium Package in FrogLMS...