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Training: Categories



Training: Locations

The locations listed here are not to be confused with the Locations column in the User Import CSV.  These locations can refer to rooms or areas where live training will take place.  When setting up an Event, you will be asked to select a training location.  The list used will be generated from this subsection.

As with Categories, the choice of names, visibility and number of locations is up to you.


 Useful Information

Events are a feature of a module. Course creators can create an workshop or series of workshops which requires a Learner to attend as part of the module. Managers can grant or refuse permission to attend. Attendance can be recorded as automatic or manually and this can count towards Module progress.


Training: Attendance

As Events can make up part of a module, it is often desirable that attendance is recorded as a status.  However, you may not wish to use the terminology we have chosen.  Within this subsection of System Preferences, you can set your terminology.

As with Categories and Locations, the choice of names, visibility and number of locations is up to you.



Training: Notifications

This section is hopefully self-explanatory.  Automated Email or Notifications will be sent at the time of day specified.  Some organisations prefer this to be before the working day starts, others might choose mid-morning.  This preference ensures you will not be sending messages at midnight.



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